AlanaMitchelsonMy name is Alana Mitchelson and I am an aspiring media and legal affairs journalist currently based in Melbourne, Australia.

Being the kind of person who cannot stand being idle for too long a period of time, I fill in the spare moments from my Bachelor of Journalism degree at Monash University with writing gigs and internships, contributing to a number of publications and websites.

The main highlights of my career thus far include reporting as accredited media during the Australian Open 2014 for the New York-based website Tennis Panorama News – which involved posing questions to the likes of Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic – and experiencing the buzz of a newsroom while interning at the regional newspaper in Ballarat, The Courier.

In a nutshell: ’90s rock, Italian food, black boots, sticky note reminders, creating my own form of shorthand, over-analysing literary classics, getting stuck into raw chocolate fondant mixture and, of course, writing.


Personal note:

From a young age, I have always possessed a love for the written word.

I was the kind of kid who would write my own children’s short stories for fun during the holiday break back when I was merely a child of primary school age.

Through lyric-based personal reflections during my teens, I soon discovered my inherent passion for the writing process; bringing physical form to thoughts, feelings and ideas that it didn’t make sense to communicate through any other means.

It was not until my senior years of high school when I started to think seriously about pursuing a career in writing.

While I am not a huge fan of hearing my writing being read out loud, I really do appreciate someone giving of their time to hear what I have to say.

I find that, as a writer, there is something really quite rewarding in receiving comment from readers and I am in a privileged position where I’m able to initiate an interactive discussion; with access to a far wider audience reach than ever before through social media.

The concept of an emerging global community – made possible by the creation of the internet – has me excited to see where this will take the media industry going into the future.

I find myself attracted to the journalism profession as I love the idea that, as a journalist, I’m constantly meeting new, weird and wonderful people, learning new things and sharing those discoveries with others.

The ultimate dream is to one day have my own weekly column.


Alana E. Mitchelson




Email: alanamitchelson@gmail.com

Phone: 0448847972


My work has featured in The Age, The Australian, The CourierCrikey’s Laugh Track, Broadsheet MelbourneTennis AustraliaTennis Panorama NewsBeat MagazineEverguideSYN Radio89.9 LightFMThe SportingJournal and Lot’s Wife.

I also run a blog, InkedHistoryOfNow, under the pseudonym Garnett Hunter which acts as an outlet whereby I may publish pieces of creative writing and express my appreciation for literature and music.