Interview with Short Stack’s Bradie Webb post breakup

Alana Mitchelson speaks to Bradie Webb about his music producing aspirations in light of his recently announced new label Bradie Webb Music.

Thanks Bradie for giving up your time to chat with me today about your new music label.
No probs!

So how long have you been interested in music production?
I started writing music when I was about 12. About 10 years.

What aspects of music production attract you to the profession?
I was mostly inspired by gaming. I realised one day that my favourite games were my favourite games because of the music. I think Star Wars was also an inspiration. Who doesn’t get goose bumps from the start of those movies?

Was it an interest that developed while you were part of Aussie pop-punk band Short Stack or was it something that you were always passionate about outside of your music career?
Being in Short Stack definitely inspired me. I met a lot of awesome people that were the best at what they do. It’s important to surround yourself around those types of people.

I understand that you were involved in remixing some of Short Stack’s songs, the production of various other bands’ tracks, and producing some of the music heard in The Story of Short Stack DVD. Can you tell me a bit more about your work there?
I started remixing some tracks early on. I liked to imagine some people, that weren’t into our band, listening to my alternative version and saying “actually, this song is awesome!” I guess we wanted the same reaction when people watched our DVD. I tried to score it so it was innocent and informative. No big orchestral pieces… (laughs)

Were you inspired at all by any of your fellow colleagues at Sunday Morning Records (SMR) in this change of career path?
Yeah, SMR was always encouraging our ideas. Early on they even trusted me with the studio to produce some tracks.

What is it about this, I guess you could say, more ‘behind-the-scenes’ type role in the music industry that you find appealing?
It’s not fake. I like the idea that my work is acknowledged for its quality and not because I had a cool hat on when I did it (laughs). I think some pop artists take themselves way too seriously. Music is entertainment.

Do you remember a distinct moment when you thought that music production was something you might like to pursue as a career?
Yeah. After watching the Matrix I thought “imagine if I could write the music for a film like this!” I was so excited to be a part of something so amazing.

Short Stack has been a large part of your life up until earlier this year. How has your life changed since you, Shaun and Andy decided to go your separate ways? What projects have you since been working on?
I don’t see myself starting a band anytime soon and I wouldn’t just tour around the country playing to the same fans because, well, there would be no challenge in that. I look forward to the day Short Stack might do it again, but at the moment I’m really enjoying building something from nothing. Working towards a goal.

Will you continue drumming as a hobby, or do you hope to play at any gigs in the future, on the side from your work?
I’ve played a few gigs with some bands this year. They’ve been fun. I’m very open for any drumming projects that might come my way.

In what ways do you think your experience in the music scene during your time in Short Stack will help you in offering guidance to new musicians in the studio?
You can’t take a course on how to be a good business partner, or a likeable person. You have to experience it, and the best way to experience something is to experience the experience with someone experienced… I think one of my strengths is that I’ve been through a lot.

What sorts of artists do you hope to manage and produce under your label?
Eventually I would love to produce hard working bands that want to do something different for this country. All kinds of music.

So, what can people expect from Bradie Webb Music in the future?
Lots of varied work. I want my work to be the best out there. It’s a high standard but I believe in myself…You have to imagine me saying that while playing inspirational chords on my keyboard looking into a dreamy sunset.

Thanks again Bradie for your time and best of luck with your future endeavours!


About Alana Mitchelson

Alana Mitchelson is a journalist based in Melbourne, Australia. Follow her on Twitter at @AlanaMitchelson.

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