Short Stack’s Bradie Webb announces music producing label

Short Stack ex-drummer Bradie Webb reveals his aspirations within the music producing scene under his new label.

Bradie Webb has recently confirmed that he is set to continue a career within the music industry, taking on a more appealing behind-the-scenes role with Bradie Webb Music.

“It’s not fake. I like the idea that my work is acknowledged for its quality and not because I had a cool hat when I did it,” he jokes.

“I think some pop artists take themselves way too seriously. Music is entertainment.”

He endeavours to eventually produce and manage musicians who will offer something fresh and unique to Australia’s music market.

Since April this year when the members of pop-punk band Short Stack decided to go their separate ways, Mr Webb has been busy working on a number of projects.

He is taking pleasure in starting something again from scratch and has high hopes for his new label.

“I look forward to the day Short Stack might do it again, but at the moment I’m really enjoying building something from nothing. Working towards a goal.

“I’m very open for any drumming projects that might come my way,” Mr Webb admits.

“[But] I don’t see myself starting a band anytime soon and I wouldn’t just tour around the country playing to the same fans because, well, there would be no challenge in that.”

From early Short Stack days, their indie label Sunday Morning Records entrusted Mr Webb in the studio where he was able to produce various tracks.

More recently, he was involved in remixing a number of Short Stack songs as well as writing the musical score for The Story of Short Stack DVD.

“I liked to imagine some people, that weren’t into our band, listening to my alternative version and saying ‘actually, this song is awesome!’”

To an extent reviving his childhood passion for composing music and very much drawing inspiration from gaming and film soundtracks, he will combine his skills and life experience in the industry to help develop and guide emerging musicians.

“After watching The Matrix I thought ‘imagine if I could write the music for a film like this!’

“I think Star Wars was also an inspiration. Who doesn’t get goose bumps from the start of those movies?”

He maintains a high level of optimism in visualising Bradie Webb Music’s future directions.

“I want my work to be the best out there. It’s a high standard but I believe in myself.”

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Alana Mitchelson is a journalist based in Melbourne, Australia. Follow her on Twitter at @AlanaMitchelson.

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