Top Fives with Super Magic Hats

Melbourne’s Rob Masterson makes poppy bleep-bloop for the chillrave crowd. Folding chopped up vocal samples and electronic trickery into elegant sonic origami, Super Magic Hats creates a robotic sound imbued with so much humanity. And he’s done well for himself, too; he’s received airplay on triples j and RRR as well as BBC6 for tracks ‘Happy Jazz’ and ‘Hangin”. Pretty impressive for a dude who only made his live debut in September 2011. Most recently he impressed with ‘Wind’, which opens with a breezy, steel drum-sounding synth and gets weirder from there. As he gears up for the release of his new EP, out March 22, we asked him for his Top Fives.

Alana Mitchelson: You have put your multi-instrumental skills to good use in your soon-to- be launched self-titled EP, incorporating guitar, keyboards, monome and Tenori-On in the tracks. What are your Top Five instruments – perhaps those not so typical – that you would consider integrating in your tracks?

1. You’ve already mentioned the Tenori-On – this is my go-to unusual instrument, I love it.

2. Clapbox – which is an iPad app that just makes claps. There are heaps of interesting iPad music apps I want to bring into my tracks.

3. Floor Toms – a la Rat vs Possum. Though apparently this sound is totally 2010.

4. Glockenspiel – I use a lot of samples and synth versions of bells on my tracks, it would be cool to use a real Glockenspiel.

5. A Moog – just because when it comes to synths, Moog is the daddy.

AM: You have mentioned in a previous interview that you love books. What are the Top Five books you have read over and over until the pages inevitably tear away from the spine?

1. Bill Drummond – 45

2. Murakami – Dance Dance Dance

3. Antoinne de Saint-Exubery – Le Petit Prince

4. Joseph Heller – Catch 22

5. Banana Yoshimoto – Kitchen

AM: Your approach in making music is quite experimental. Who are the Top Five electronica artists you admire and who are keeping it fresh through experimenting?

1. Friendships

2. Taquwami

3. Seekae

4. Gold Panda

5. James Holden

AM: I have read that you have worked in a variety of different fields while forging your career in the music industry. What are the Top Five jobs you have found most rewarding aside from music producing?
Super Magic Hats: I’m going to have to withhold comment on that one.

AM: If you were to, hypothetically speaking, find yourself in possession of a ‘super magical hat’ what are the Top Five super powers you would wish it to yield?

1. MPC superskills – something like AraabMuzik has.

2. The ability to conjure Katsu Don at any time – just because.

3. The power to shoot lasers from my fingertips – because this would look cool.

4. Organisational skills – need to have a practical superpower in there too, and this is definitely something I lack.

5. Teleportation – because Australia is a long way from most places.

Super Magic Hats plays at the Workers Club on Wednesday 20 March and the FBi Social in Sydney on Saturday 23 March.

Originally published at Everguide.


About Alana Mitchelson

Alana Mitchelson is a journalist based in Melbourne, Australia. Follow her on Twitter at @AlanaMitchelson.

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