Interview with Peace

Peace might be a band still fairly unknown among the Australian population, but this is soon to change. The relatively new UK indie rock outfit will be hitting our shores for the first time this September.

Having only recently launched their debut album, In Love, Peace has been more than well received in the United Kingdom, even garnering the attention of acclaimed producer Jim Abiss; the man of Adele and Arctic Monkeys fame. Their edgy, riff-based pop coupled with the honest, raw energy of their live performances and comical personalities have led to rave reviews, The Guardian even branding them as “the future of indie.”

Fronted by brothers, Harry and Sam Koisser, the two young lads later teamed up with guitarist Doug Castle and drummer Dom Boyce who they met during their years in sixth form college.

“I met Dom in the street. He didn’t like me and tried to fight me,” Harry jokes (well, we think he was joking). “I wasn’t interested at all, but later on in college we became friends. He was friends with Doug so it all just fell into place.”

The quartet’s beginnings took formation in Worcester, in the West Midlands of England, during August of 2009 under their original band name November And The Criminal. It wasn’t until over a year later that they began their musical journey under the title of their new label, Peace.

Harry describes the name of the band as being inspired by an old photograph depicting aftermath celebrations at the end of World War II.

“The photo had lots of people holding peace banners. I thought it was really nice that people were just shouting about it in the street. It became very obvious that it was meant to be our band name.”

In 2012, Peace were greeted with immensely encouraging critical acclaim from leading UK music publications as they found themselves being compared to widely adored bands like The Maccabees, Foals, Wu Lyf and Vampire Weekend.

Harry says the positive feedback partially contributed to why it felt like the right time to release their debut album.

“We’d written loads of songs and the shows were going really well. We’d just been offered a record contract so it kind of just made sense.”

Jim Abiss had seen Peace play in Cambridge. He’d spoken to the boys after the show about working alongside them and it seemed too good an offer for the boys to refuse.

Speaking about the making of the ‘Follow Baby’ music video, Harry reveals some of the magic from behind the scenes. Apparently the directors and crew threw all sorts of objects and rubbish lying around the room at the band members to create a sense of havoc for the clip. At least, Harry had hoped this was the reason why they were having things tossed at them from all angles…

“I couldn’t work out if they were throwing stuff because they didn’t like us, or for some sort of effect. I still don’t know. I broke my guitar, Dom smashed a microwave and I’m pretty sure radioactive material ‘changed’ him.”

For a band who has only really just released their first major record, they’ve already shared the stage with some pretty big acts, including The Mystery Jets and The Vaccines. Harry says they’ve passed some secret words of wisdom on to the Peace boys, which they will surely take on board for years to come as they progress as a band.

Compared to their early days of playing the bar and pub scene back in Birmingham, playing festivals is a very different story. “They’re just very different things,” Harry says. “Playing shows to small groups of friends or in Dom’s living room is very different to playing at something as huge as Glasto Festival.”

More recently, the guys have received a lot of attention due to being nominated as BBC’s ‘Sound of 2013’ and NME’s ‘Best New Band’. It’s safe to say that Peace have come a long way since they first started out which, Harry indicates, had merely arisen out of sheer boredom. Peace is definitely a name all indie fans should watch out for in the upcoming months, with the release of In Love and the September tour ahead, they seem to be on the road to making a name for themselves.

Originally published at Everguide.


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Alana Mitchelson is a journalist based in Melbourne, Australia. Follow her on Twitter at @AlanaMitchelson.

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