Hazardous stretch of road flicks stones


Loose stones along a curved street at Lakeside are causing a hazard to drivers and collecting in the driveways of residents’ homes.

A 100 to 150 metre stretch of Oaklands Way, Lakeside, from Hartland Circuit to just past The Glen was resurfaced in mid-January as part of council’s road resealing contract.

Lakeside resident Renee Caddy said she was worried about the safety of drivers around the curve in the road near The Glen where a section of road was “fixed”.

“From where I live, I can’t really avoid driving down that stretch of Oaklands Way. You drive through and all of these stones go flicking everywhere,” she said.

“I have called council a few times, and in early February, they said something would be done in two weeks, but I haven’t noticed a change in the road condition.

“The old road had a few cracks in it, but it was a lot better. My son actually reckons there are more cracks in it now.

“When I called up the council, they put me on the phone with the engineer, Kurt, and he sounded annoyed about the condition of the road. He didn’t seem to know what had gone wrong.”

Ms Caddy said there were stones everywhere, no warning signs and that it “looked unpleasant”.

“It’s quite frustrating,” Ms Caddy said.

“The stones are collecting in people’s driveways as well, so that can’t be safe for pedestrians.

“You expect projects like this to be finished properly and, if not that, at least some warning signs so that drivers know to be cautious.”

Cardinia Council’s manager for Infrastructure Services Andrew Barr said council was aware of residents’ concerns about loose stones after the road works.

“Prior to the road works at Oaklands Way, inspections showed the road should be resurfaced before it began to cause problems with the underlying pavement,” Mr Barr said.

“As part of the resealing works, loose stones are required to be added to the pavement for the spray seal to be successful. The excess stones are then removed using a suction sweeper.

“Following feedback from residents, council has requested the contractor sweep the site a second time to remove any remaining excess stones.”

Council said the contractor revisited the site last Thursday.

Originally published at Pakenham Officer News.


About Alana Mitchelson

Alana Mitchelson is a journalist based in Melbourne, Australia. Follow her on Twitter at @AlanaMitchelson.

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