” ‘Motivated’ is an easy word to apply to many reporters, but Alana’s dedication to finding stories and telling them the way they need to be told is rarer than it should be. Alana is a thoughtful, thorough and pro-active reporter. Through her diligent approach to research, reporting and managing her time, she was a real asset to Broadsheet.” – Tim Fisher, editorial director at Broadsheet Media (July, 2018).

“The classic quiet achiever, behind that calm exterior Alana has always shown a strong commitment to her profession and to improving and extending her journalistic skills. She has always been diligent in her pursuit of a good story and to producing high-quality and informative journalism. One of the first things Alana said to me when she came to the Pakenham Gazette and I started sub-editing her work was that she wanted lots of feedback on her stories so that she could learn as much as possible. I’ve trained a lot of reporters and none of them have ever shown that level of determination. Alana was always a pleasure to work with and the group editor was very sorry to see her leave for the New Daily.” – Mark Clancy, subeditor at Star News Group (Pakenham Gazette) (July, 2018).

“I had the pleasure of supervising Alana Mitchelson during her 2015 summer fellowship as a reporter for The Indianapolis Star. She performed at an exceptionally high level. Her strengths as a writer and reporter exceed her experience level. She is a go-getter who takes direction well. And she is a wonderful co-worker and teammate. We already miss her. During her time at The Star, we threw a lot of different stories and topics at Alana. She never failed to enthusiastically take on the assignment and deliver. Her take on the sudden rise in the mosquito population was among them. This was one of the three stories Alana produced that ran on our front page. The others were a look at the new charter schools opening in Indianapolis and an article on a program that allowed people with mental illnesses to portray their condition on stage in a play called “Nobody Needs to Know”. Her work for us ran the gamut of issue stories, features and news. I wholeheartedly recommend Alana for employment as a reporter or similar role in your organisations.” – Alvie Lindsay, news and investigations director at Indianapolis Star (September, 2015).

“I highly recommend Alana as a candidate for employment. She served as a reporter in covering the 2014 Australian Open for our tennis media outlet Tennis Panorama News which is based in the United States. She was responsible for the writing and editing of reports and interviews under tremendous deadline pressure in addition to social media responsibilities for the site for the tournament. She also covered a few special events before the tournament began. Alana handled all with ease as she is such a very hard worker. She is also very driven to be the best that she can be and is not afraid to ask for feedback. Alana has excellent communication skills, is extremely organised, and very reliable. With the extreme time zone difference between Melbourne and New York City, she was forced to work independently at times and was able to follow through to ensure that the job got done. She was flexible and willing to work on any and all projects assigned to her, even though we had last minute changes on various occasions. Alana would be a tremendous asset for your company and has my highest recommendation. She does high quality work and I’m certain she’ll do well in her career as a journalist.”Karen Pestaina, editor-in-chief at Tennis Panorama News (February, 2014).

“Alana came on board with Everguide as an intern toward the beginning of 2013 and stayed with us until December of 2013. The internship program required successful applicants to primarily complete data entry tasks with the opportunity to pitch and write timely news pieces, attend and review events and conduct interviews, often with high profile subjects. Having been an integral part of the program’s development, I’ve overseen close to 40 to 50 interns during my three years with the business. In saying that, I can honestly say Alana is easily one of our most successful interns. Alana’s professionalism, determination and proactive nature helped shape her into an excellent journalist. Alana’s strong work ethic and willingness to take on assignments made her an absolute pleasure to work with and a perfect ambassador for Everguide. Another integral part of Alana’s skill set is her ability to learn and take on feedback. Alana’s writing flourished over the course of her internship and frankly, she had excelled to a point where ‘Intern’ was no longer an appropriate title and ‘Professional Journalist’ rang far truer. In summary, I couldn’t recommend Alana more highly to any organisation and if the opportunity presents itself, I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again.” – Nick Jamieson, editor of media at Lifelounge Group (February, 2014).

“I am the editor of Melbourne Guru, a monthly street press covering the behind-the-scenes of the Melbourne music industry. When choosing our team of writers, we were lucky enough to be joined by Alana Mitchelson, an incredibly passionate, skillful and reliable journalist. For the past eight months, Alana has written several enlightening and relevant pieces about the local music industry, using strong research and initiative. Her writing has strengthened with each article and she has never failed to meet a deadline. I have found Alana to be extremely professional and capable. She is a talented journalist who has also shown tremendous intuition and resourcefulness, with an obvious passion for her work. I would gladly work with Alana again, and would not hesitate in the least to recommend her.” – Dina Amin, editor at Melbourne Guru (June, 2015).

“Ms Mitchelson always related in a mature, confident, friendly and co-operative manner with her peers, colleagues and staff that supervised her. Alana is respectful, resourceful and dedicated. She is open-minded and compassionate too! I would strongly recommend Ms Mitchelson unhesitatingly.” – Deb Anderson, journalism lecturer at Monash University (February, 2015).

“Alana Mitchelson completed a two week internship at Metro Media Publishing working across The Weekly Review titles in September, 2014. Alana was a diligent worker during her time at MMP. She completed numerous articles that appeared both in print and online publications. She took on board any feedback and edited her work accordingly. She is a quiet, no fuss, hard worker who I would recommend to future employers.” – Tim Doutré, news editor at The Weekly Review (October, 2014)

“Alana was a valuable member of the editorial team, working on the Health + Medicine desk and closely with the two editors of that section. Her duties included presenting story ideas to news conferences, commissioning articles, editing copy, writing research briefs, picture research, posting articles to the site and working as a researcher supporting editors. One example of Alana’s editorial creativity is a forthcoming piece she commissioned on sleep disorders in children with autism. She also commissioned articles on scoliosis, gender inequity in medical research and wrote a news story on how biology determines the bacteria in our gut. Alana was also a social-media coordinator for the site. She was responsible for posting stories on Twitter and seeding our editorial content in other social media forums. She demonstrated a natural flair and confidence in using social media to enhance The Conversation, and drive traffic and discussion in our communities. Alana’s professionalism, intelligence, interpersonal skills and eye for detail indicate she has great potential.” – Fron Jackson-Webb, health and medicine section editor at The Conversation (August, 2014).

“As state and justice editor of The Age, I appreciated that Alana came up with her own ideas, did the research and kept approaching me with story pitches. While she needs to work on writing simple, sharp, economical news ledes, she’s got good research skills and curiosity. Practice will bring the rest.”Michelle Griffin, state editor at The Age (June, 2014).

“As the former editor of Crikey’s ‘Laugh Track’ blog, I can attest to Alana Mitchelson’s professionalism, excellent communication skills, enthusiasm and commitment to writing and editing. Alana wrote comedy-related articles for Crikey during the 2013 Melbourne Fringe Festival. During her time working for me she was friendly, communicative, organised and delivered all writing assignments on time and to length. She also proved an adept Twitter user, regularly promoting her published Crikey articles.” – Siobhan Argent, editor at Crikey’s Laugh Track (March, 2014).