Personal Note

From a young age, I have always possessed a love for the written word.

I was the kind of kid who would write my own children’s short stories for fun during the holiday break, complete with stick-figure illustrations, back when I was a child of primary school age.

Through poetic personal reflections during my teen years, I soon discovered my inherent passion for the writing process; bringing physical form to thoughts, feelings and ideas that it didn’t make sense to communicate through any other means.

It was not until my senior years of high school, and discovering a love for literature, when I started to think seriously about pursuing a career in writing.

I find myself attracted to the journalism profession as I love the idea that, as a journalist, I’m constantly meeting interesting people of diverse backgrounds, always learning and sharing those discoveries with others.

The ultimate dream is to one day publish in-depth investigations in the form of literary journalism.


Alana E. Mitchelson